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Presenting the XLIM CRC, an officially certified Child Resistant version of the renowned Xlim Pod. The significance of this certification may resonate with you depending on your geographical location or if you have children. Safeguarding the legality of vaping remains paramount, and the XLIM CRC contributes to this cause.

Please note that many details closely mirror those of the previously reviewed Xlim Pod, and, for efficiency, I will be duplicating and incorporating those specifics.

Product Overview

Compact and efficient, the XLIM CRC stands out as a 900mAh pod system. It is accompanied by 2ml pods featuring 0.8ohm and 0.6ohm (non-replaceable coils). The device offers the flexibility of autodraw or using the fire button, coupled with adjustable airflow and a wattage range of 5-25w to cater to individual preferences.

What’s Included?

With your XLIM CRC pod system, you’ll find:

  • XLIM CRC pod system
  • 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm CRC pods
  • Type-C USB cable

First Impressions

Upon initial inspection, the XLIM CRC doesn’t deviate significantly from the original XLIM Pod, except for the incorporation of the CRC pod. This resemblance isn’t a drawback, considering OXVA’s track record of producing user-friendly MTL pod systems.

One minor adjustment that could enhance user experience is relocating the USB port from the bottom to the side of the device.

Using the Device

The device operates seamlessly: five clicks power it on or off, four clicks toggle between autodraw-only mode and autodraw + fire button mode, seven clicks reset the puff counter, and three clicks enable wattage adjustment. Given the single-button design, wattage adjustment is executed through the fire button, with increments set at 0.5w.

The 0.42-inch LCD screen provides a comprehensive display of wattage, resistance, battery level, and puff counter. Additionally, it issues warnings when necessary. Notably, the XLIM intelligently detects pod resistance, adjusting the wattage to the maximum recommended level for each specific pod, ensuring optimal performance.

Pod Design

In a departure from recent OXVA pod designs, the CRC pods feature a user-friendly top-fill mechanism. Typically, top-fill pods pose challenges with thin, flimsy, and hard-to-remove mouthpieces; however, this is not the case with the CRC pods.

The mouthpiece, crafted from a robust and flexible rubberized material, offers a secure fit while remaining effortlessly removable and comfortable for vaping.

The only peculiar aspect of these pods lies in their capacity. While the packaging indicates 1.6ml, the enclosed manual states 2ml.

Performance Analysis

0.6ohm Pod:

This pod, rated from 20-25w, surprisingly doesn’t demand the upper limit. Running smoothly between 15-25w with the airflow set at 2/3 to fully open, the flavor output is not just good—it’s excellent. It excels at capturing the nuanced secondary flavors of the e-liquid, a feat often missed by the majority of pod systems. Beyond flavor, the throat hit is satisfying.

0.8ohm Pod:

Rated for 12-16w, this pod delivers commendable performance even at lower wattages. At 10w with a single airflow hole open, it provides a pleasingly tight MTL vape. Cranking it up to 16w with all three airflow holes open maintains an MTL experience but aligns more closely with a conventional pod system draw. Similar to the 0.6ohm pod, it excels in highlighting both the primary and secondary flavors of the e-liquid.

In the realm of pods, the 0.6ohm variant earns a class-leading designation, while the 0.8ohm pod performs admirably, though for a tighter MTL, the 0.7ohm Argus pod from Voopoo may have a slight edge.

Airflow Dynamics

The slide airflow control mechanism offers precise adjustments, allowing you to regulate airflow by closing one to three holes. It’s worth noting that these holes are not uniform in size. The first closed hole accounts for approximately 10% of the total airflow, the second around 30%, and the last encompasses the remaining 60%. Even with all three holes closed, the draw remains tight yet enjoyable.

In summary, the airflow is well-designed, providing meticulous control while staying within the bounds of MTL (mouth-to-lung) limits. No matter the adjustment, you won’t be transforming it into a restricted direct-to-lung draw.

Compatibility Insights

The CRC pods demonstrate compatibility with my XLIM Pro, suggesting a broad compatibility across the XLIM range, excluding the XLIM C, which features removable coils.

In Conclusion

Initially perceived as primarily appealing to those in CRC-restricted areas or individuals with young children, the CRC pods surprise with their top-notch top-fill system. The implementation is so effective that, even without these restrictions, one might opt for these pods over the regular OXVA counterparts.

Beyond the pod-specific features, the XLIM CRC maintains the excellence of the XLIM Pod system. It’s essential to note that this review is based on a unit sent for evaluation purposes by OXVA.

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