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XLIM Pro Pod System Review


When Oxva released this model, we expected improvements in pod quality or some incredible functionality. Unfortunately, it’s just the previous v2 model with a stylish RGB indicator and a slightly increased power of 0.5 W. 🥲

Product Overview

The XLIM Pro is a 1000mAh, 30W, autodraw/fire-button pod system compatible with XLIM pods, including the new top-fill pods in the kit.

What’s Included
✅XLIM Pro device
✅0.6ohm pod
✅0.8ohm pod
✅Type-C cable + lanyard
✅First Impressions

While the design retains some familiarity, the XLIM Pro distinguishes itself with a chunky metal frame, departing from the aluminum shell of previous models. The carbon fiber front and back, though potentially stickers, contribute to a heavier and sturdier feel. The only drawback is the side placement of the fire button, a preference for front placement notwithstanding. Overall, it surpasses other pod devices in build quality.

Pod Design

The new ‘top-fill’ pods, more accurately described as ‘side-fill,’ feature a rubber tab for convenient refilling without removing the pod. This design choice improves the mouthpiece’s durability and feel.

Pod Compatibility
The side-fill pods are compatible with previous XLIM models, enhancing flexibility. However, the XLIM C with replaceable coil pods lacks compatibility with other XLIM products.


Five clicks – power on/off
Three clicks – power adjustment
Four clicks – power button lock (autodraw remains functional)
Two clicks – adjust the RGB light effects (including turning it off)
Seven clicks – puff counter reset
The LED lighting effects, while present, can be turned off to suit personal preference.


Expect no significant flavor improvement over preceding XLIM models as the coils remain essentially the same. However, both the 0.8 and 0.6ohm coils offer flexibility and deliver clear, detailed flavor suitable for various e-liquids. No leaks or moisture were observed during testing.


The three-slot sliding airflow adjustment system allows for precise control, enabling a tight MTL draw or gradually opening for a looser MTL experience. The device is exclusively MTL, offering no DL or restricted DL draw options.


The 1000mAh battery will allow the user to vape for several days without recharging. It is difficult to say exactly how many days you can go without charging the device; this indicator is unique for each user and depends on the degree of use. But one thing is for sure, you will have enough charge for the whole day


The XLIM Pro stands as the best XLIM device to date, maintaining consistent vape quality while improving battery capacity, build quality, and transitioning to side-fill. OXVA provided the XLIM Pro for review purposes.

Disclaimer: The XLIM Pro was sent for review by OXVA.

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