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Review of the Voopoo VMate Pro


The VMate Pro marks the newest addition to Voopoo’s ‘V Series’ lineup. Unlike its predecessors, which were relatively basic devices, the VMate Pro stands out as a feature-rich pod system.

Product Overview

Boasting a 900mAh battery, 25W output, and automatic draw activation, the VMate Pro is a pod system with adjustable airflow and power settings. It utilizes VMate 3ml pods to deliver a comprehensive vaping experience.

Review of the Voopoo VMate Pro

What’s Included:

  • VMate Pro Device
  • 1× 0.7ohm pod
  • 1× 1.2ohm pod
  • Type-C USB charging cable

First Impressions:

Despite its 900mAh battery and 3ml pods, the VMate Pro appears remarkably compact. This is achieved by slightly increasing its width and depth compared to other similar pod devices.

The body’s finish is intriguing; it features subtle ripples that are visible to the eye but remain smooth to the touch. While it may sound peculiar, holding the device provides a better understanding of this unique design.

A noteworthy detail is the rubber pad on the device’s bottom, a common feature in recent Voopoo devices. This small addition protects the device from scratches, maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

The only drawback I observed is the placement of the USB charge port at the bottom. Personally, I prefer devices to stand upright while charging.


The 3ml pods exhibit a wider design that tapers for a comfortable mouthfeel.

An interesting aspect is the combination of both press-fit and magnetic features. The pods initially attach magnetically and then secure in place with a press-fit system. This dual mechanism provides the benefits of both worlds – the satisfying feel of magnetic attachment and the stability of press-fit.

The pods feature a side-fill design with a rubber bung. Manufacturers have improved this aspect over the years, and the VMate pods continue this trend. Opening and securing the fill port is now a straightforward process, eliminating the need for tools like knives or tweezers.


The compact slider on the device’s front facilitates easy airflow adjustments. While some users may prefer a stepped airflow, this smooth slider still proves effective. The adjustable airflow transitions from a reasonably tight MTL draw to a more open MTL draw, catering exclusively to MTL vaping preferences.


Turning on the device requires the standard five clicks, but the subsequent actions deviate from the norm. Instead of turning off with five clicks, it presents a three-option menu—lock, puff count reset, and power off. Navigating these options involves quick button presses to switch between them and confirming a choice with a long press.

A single button press alternates between two UI modes. Mode one displays battery level, power, voltage, and resistance, while mode two includes puff count and total puff time in minutes. Interestingly, during actual vaping, it shifts to a third mode, presenting puff count, last puff duration in seconds, and total vaping time in minutes.

Adjusting the power involves being in mode one, holding the button until the power flashes, and then adjusting it in one-watt increments up to 25W. The device has a smart feature preventing users from exceeding the maximum recommended wattage for each pod.

Additionally, a child-lock function activates after five minutes of inactivity, requiring three clicks to unlock.

Two key points:

  1. The button is solely for settings and not a fire button; the device is exclusively auto-draw.
  2. While the UI may seem intricate, essential functions include turning it on/off, adjusting power, and unlocking, making it user-friendly for those not concerned with detailed vaping statistics.


The VMate Pro boasts excellent battery life, particularly when paired with the 1.2ohm pod. A full charge delivered two entire pods (6ml total) with ample battery remaining. With careful power management, it’s conceivable to extract three full pods from a single charge. During charging, the display provides essential information, including battery percentage, a flashing bar indicating charging progress, and the estimated time until full charge.


  • 0.7ohm pod: Starting at 15W initially felt slightly underpowered, but adjusting to 18W with fully open airflow yielded thick vapor, robust flavor, and a satisfying throat hit. Increasing to 20W enhanced flavor marginally but was not essential.
  • 1.2ohm pod: Operating at 10-12W, this pod excelled in MTL vaping. Lowering the power, closing the airflow, and using both pastry and tobacco juices showcased clear flavor distinctions and a commendable throat hit. Neither pod exhibited leaks or flavor deterioration.

Notable Features:

The VMate Pro incorporates Voopoo’s innovative ‘icosm code’ features in its coils/pods. While these technological aspects weren’t extensively discussed, the performance of the new PnP X coils and VMate pods has been commendable, providing an enjoyable vaping experience.


The VMate Pro impressively caters to the entire spectrum of MTL vaping, avoiding compromises. It stands out as a top choice, and if confined to using one pod device for an extended period, this would be the selection. While not perfect, it comes remarkably close compared to other devices used.


The VMate Pro reviewed here was provided by Voopoo for the purpose of this review.

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